About us

We want to improve the property industry for everyone.

When we set out on this journey to build Homesearch, our aim was not to be disruptive but to be comprehensively constructive.

We felt passionately that if we could help the industry have a far more intimate knowledge of not only the properties that make up their market, but also the people living in them, it would raise the bar for everyone.

We believe data is a tool to serve and enhance the agency process, not remove the human expertise.

The intelligence and analytics provided to you in Homesearch are there to partner and enhance your existing knowledge to support you and give further confidence to your process.

We want the industry to have more open and meaningful conversations based on facts and evidence.

With Homesearch you're able to share more relevant information, answer more questions and highlight your knowledge better than ever before.

Information and analysis should be simple and easy to consume and, most importantly, easy to share.

Information is our thing and just presenting a load of numbers or graphs is not what we’d consider helpful. Information needs to be presented in such a way that it can be understood and shared to tell stories and build trust.

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