5 reasons why local marketing and content marketing go hand in hand

There has been a lot of talk regarding marketing strategies and ways that agents can further extend their reach, but one thing that often gets neglected is the positive impact of good local content marketing.

  1. Sellers want the best local expert

    Today's market is filled with savvy vendors, and generally, the first place they will check is online. You need to drive them to your website over the others. They need to know you before they google you.

    Consumers will be looking for assurance that you are the local expert. Once they know you, content marketing will help aggregate and demonstrate your past experience, and it is your duty to be getting that out to consumers.

  2. Clients want evidence that you know the area

    The first port of call for consumers is generally Google. f you don't have a presence there, you're in trouble.

    Don’t just market to your potential customers by telling them how good you are. No one likes a show off. Yes, results matter but these people really want to see that you know your stuff.

    They want to see reviews, local information, and true insight into the areas that they are looking at buying and selling. Makes sense, right?

    They want to see that you know your area well, including the businesses, the local parks, where the local five a-side team plays.

    All of this goes to demonstrate you know the market better than anyone. It shows you know the local area, and more so, that you know where the buyer for their house is going to come from.

  3. Clients want trusted information early in the process

    Before people decide to buy or sell a house, they generally look for expert information. It’s your job, through all your marketing channels, to make that job easy for them.

    Information on what the market is doing, what a certain suburb is like, and what they can expect to get for their current home is what is important to them.

    In this developing stage, they are only going to call the agents they firstly know, and secondly trust. Consistency builds trust. Visibility first, credibility second, profitability third. It’s a truly simple process.

    Your regular push marketing gives you the visibility, content marketing drives credibility, and with a bit of charisma and ability, you’ll turn that into profitability.

    Suburb, street and neighbourhood reviews are the most general yet informative pieces of information for people looking to buy or sell.

  4. More than one marketing strategy makes you a multi-faceted agent

    Consumers are not always looking to buy or sell, and you don't want to delete them off your list every time you have completed the cycle in a property purchase or sale.

    Your job is to value-add in the interim.

    You can do this with content marketing, direct or indirect. Imagine if your consumers received content each week about new places opening up, an analysis of the best primary schools in the area, or new attractions in their neighbourhoods.

    This content is relevant, informative and wanted by consumers. It adds value in the times you are not selling them properties and increases your service offerings.

    This is the best way to ensure that your clients don't look at you as just trying to sell them homes when you get them, but rather an established and well-educated expert. In a slow market, this is what will separate you from the pack and bring you more success than ever before.

  5. Local marketing connects you to the businesses in your area

    One of the best ways to build your brand is to connect with the trusted brands in the area.

    Creating a relationship with local cafes or pubs is the best way to get your brand out there for a relatively low cost.

    Providing them with local content to share with their audience is a great way to get referrals to your business. Ask them if you can write a review of a local suburb, and they can place it on the tables at their cafe.

    By building up market awareness in local areas, you increase your visibility and the chances of becoming trusted as a local expert.