5 things your clients want in the next 5 weeks

Surprisingly (to some agents at least), a free, no obligation current market valuation is at the bottom of your client’s priority list. 

We’re all at home. We’ve all come to terms with being at home. This is all of our realities now for at least the next two weeks, maybe longer. So when your entire job revolves around being inside other people's homes, what do you do now?

Here’s our light-hearted take on how you might be able to keep in touch the right way over the next few weeks. 

Your clients want to know how they can keep their kids entertained 

If there’s one thing our team has learnt these last two weeks, it’s that those of us without kids have it WAY easier than the wonderful parents that do. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a 3 or a 13-year-old, keeping them entertained while they’re cooped up is a challenge. 

Fortunately, the internet is here to help.

If you see something that could help, share it. Here’s a few examples to get you started:

A google sheet of home schooling resources.

Turn your home into a virtual safari park with Google 3D.

A complete schedule of free things for kids to do online, all day, every day

There’s so much you can share with the parents in your local community. Give them an hour of peace and you’ll be more their hero than their estate agent. 

They want to know how they can keep their partners entertained 

Kids aren’t the only ones who need entertainment. For a lot of couples, this will be the longest continuous amount of time they’ve spent together, outside of a holiday, in years. 

There’s always been work (or football) in the way.

Chances are the adults will be finding the days just as long as the kids, particularly if they’ve been furloughed. Here’s a few ideas you could share on how to pass the time productively: 

Learn a new language.

Learn to code, maybe this is the moment you’ve been waiting for to explore a career change.

Take a Masterclass in something you’ve always wanted to learn.

Get fit. 

(Even some of the kid's home-school resources are challenging enough for a parent too) 

There’s an even money bet on both a baby boom and a divorce boom in the next nine months, so if you want to avoid either, keeping your partner entertained will be crucial.

They want to know how they can keep themselves entertained 

We don’t know about you, but the days feel long. We wake up, we work, we sleep.

We know this won't be forever and we know that we need our own escapes and entertainment from time to time too.

So here’s the best binge worthy shows from our team: 

Tiger King. Don’t ask questions, don’t reel about it. Just watch it. 

The Test. One for the cricket fans out there.

Ozark. Dark, and awesome.

Brooklyn 99. Hilarious fun. 

Binge them while you can. Just not all day.

They might even want to know what’s happening in their market 

Email them a Homesearch report. Simple.

But most of all, they want a distraction 

You don’t have to do any of the above. You don’t have to call, email or whatsapp, and you certainly don’t have to send anything work related. The last thing they need is an email about your Covid-19 plans, or how you’re still operating as “business as usual.” Read the room. 

But if you share community, human centric suggestions and advice, your clients will know you place a value on the relationship you have with them over and above a pound note.

And that, we’d wager, will make you more of them than any one transaction alone ever will.