Facing challenges. Agents top five moans.

Written by Ashley Brown of RE/MAX.


Its easy to have a good moan about the problems we face, the reality is it never really gets us anywhere. So after you're done venting, lets take a look at the solutions that can move you forward.

There is just so many of us.

Ok, this is one you're going to have to face head on whatever industry you are working in today’s landscape of business. Many markets are saturated. Placing your focus on that fact will only lead to overwhelm and quite frankly lower your vibration. Instead, focus on what is going to make you stand out in your field. You were motivated to get in to the property market, what for? What’s your story? What are your strengths? Play to them, no other agent out there is you so do your thing.

I want more clients.

Again, this is one that applies to many business professionals. The reality is, saying that till you are blue in the face won’t have them knocking at your door. In fact if you want to sell homes, you need to be the one doing the knocking. If you look around, everyone you meet is a potential client. Everyone needs a home to live in or owns/rents one. Start talking to more people and tell them what you do. Give them a business card, before you know it you'll be wishing for more time, not more clients.

Other agents are doing better than me.


Never ignore your competition, learn what they are doing differently. Talk to them, watch them work. There is a well -known rule in life that is much overlooked; you are the product of the five people you surround yourself with most. If you aspire to be more successful in your career, start surrounding yourself more with people that are experiencing the version of success you desire. This will transform your mind-set, energy and results.

The market is so uncertain.

Life is uncertain. The only thing you can control is the way you approach it.

I recently interviewed someone who has been in the industry over fifty years who told me a story about when he was first starting out. In 1973 the government introduced a 3 -day week where by companies could only use power for three days a week. Not ideal when your running an estate agency. While other agents welcomed the break, his particular office bought generators so they could continue with business as usual. There is always a solution, an angle that you can look for in any situation. Get creative, when life throws you lemons make lemonade.

Clients don’t understand the benefit of using an agent.

Your job is to convince them why they need one, particularly you. The point here is not to focus and list everything you do, identify what they need and show them that you get results. When you take your focus to what your clients problem is you become the solution. This does take time and investment, learn your market thoroughly, develop your skills in communication and the physcology of the client you want to attract. In this business you are your greatest asset, invest in yourself and people will invest in you. Pour your energy into becoming the best agent you can possibly be and enjoy the transformation.

You always have an advantage over any online option, property is a peoples business and you are a person! Time to skyrocket.


Thank you to Ashley Brown for taking part in our first guest blog! To see more of her blogs you can go to www.lifeinremax.co.uk or follow her on Instagram: @ashleyloubrown.