Six steps to create a winning social media strategy

Social media is a database. Right? Right.

Using social media to your advantage is easy. Right? Well...

To communicate with your market, it’s vital to understand who you want to be as an agent on social media and create the right strategy to match.

We want to give you six achievable steps to help you create a powerful and authentic social media strategy.

One that creates awareness around your expertise and attract the right clients to you.

Here goes nothing.

  1. Know who you are

As a business, as a professional, as an individual if you’re doing a more personal post, and always as a service. You must know what your key messages are as the first step when creating a successful digital strategy.

What are the main points of difference you represent as an agent?

Why will people want to follow you on social media over others?

What value do you bring to these peoples’ lives?

These elements will make your strategy stand out and give you the competitive edge needed to reach and engage your audience.

  1. Identify your tone

It is important to establish a clear voice for your brand on social media. We recommend using approachable yet professional language for the best results. To give you an insight into our communication strategy, feedback from our early users was that we were “nerdy but nice” - so that’s what we decided we’d work with.

If you aren’t sure what your business voice should be, try asking your friends. See how you communicate with someone you care about and try to reflect that in a professional capacity.

Plan ahead, making sure the content you will be posting is consistent from the beginning.

  1. Know what your competitors are doing

Be aware, but not obsessed with, what your competition is doing in the digital space.

Look at your Facebook Watched Pages (google this if you don’t know what it is), or your Instagram analytics to get an insight of where you stand against other social media users in the same field.

Don't copy and plagiarise your competitor's ideas, create your own story and be the one that looks to be copied.

  1. Define your objectives

Why are you on social media? If the answer is “because everyone else is” then you’re better of staying off it.

This question often gets overlooked when planning your digital strategy.

It is imperative to define your objectives, making sure you refer to these throughout your entire social media journey.

Don’t be disheartened if they change throughout the process. An adaptable strategy is a winning strategy. As long as you always identify what you are aiming to achieve, you will always have a clear, defined path to social media success in front of you.

  1. Narrow your target audience down.

Think gender, age and location of a specific local audience you intend to reach with your strategy.

Understanding your audience means you can create content that caters to their unique interests and desires. Think about what you would want if you were in their shoes and track your analytics along the way to see how your content is tracking with this group.

  1. Serve, don’t sell

This whole blog was inspired by a post by Perry Power on his Facebook group around the user of social media in an agents prospecting. I think so many people miss the real power of social media and go hard too soon, thinking it’s a sales tool.

Perry highlighted to his group the power (pun intended) of just being there to help. Helping without expectation not only feels good, but it’s proven to come back to you in spades. It’s becoming uncommon to come across a person who is genuinely interested in helping others so when it happens, people are blown away.

They will want to help you back!.

Don’t be on social media to sell. Be on social media to serve.

Before you post anything, remind yourself that your audience, no matter how targeted they may be did not join these sites to be sold something. They joined to share, learn and get connected.

The good news is yes, they do want to be connected to their favorite companies. The key word here being favourite.

You have to earn the right to connect. And that happens through educational, entertaining and value-add content.

Everything you share on social media and every time you reach out to others should offer a benefit to whomever is on the receiving end.

Bringing it all together...

Social media is a long game. Go long in your strategy, pick your process and follow it. Follow up on your own activities and adjust and adapt as you go.

Show your audience who you are, what you know that’s valuable to them and how you can help.

Post content so interesting and entertaining that your audience shares it with their friends and watch your influence grow.

That is real social media.