Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

We all like to be comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading this on your second day as an estate agent or if you’re a 30 year veteran, we are all creatures of habit and want to swaddle ourselves as tightly into our personal or professional comfort blankets as we can.

When we’re comfortable, we’re not challenged. And the moment we’re not challenged we start thinking of all the reasons why it’s better to stay comfortable than it is to challenge ourselves, work toward our fears and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We’re in a business where all we see is rejection. An outstanding agent will probably convert 50% of the instruction appointments they go to. That’s still a load of no’s they’re getting. What makes them great is their ability to be comfortable in getting rejected. Their ability to be comfortable in debriefing the why behind the no.  

It starts with attitude.

An attitude for embracing what makes you uncomfortable is the biggest asset you have.

When your attitude is down, you’re not going to do the behaviours that you need to do to achieve the results you need to achieve. This almost stimulates a chain reaction where the fear creeps in even more, making it even harder to get yourself back on track.

Think of it this easy, how easy is it to go to the gym once you’re in a routine? Simple right, you just do it (sorry, Nike). Now think about how it feels to go to the gym after a long holiday. If we don’t go on that first day back, chances are high that we won’t go on day two either.

Now apply that to a work scenario. If you don’t pick up the phone today ,it’ll be even harder to do it tomorrow. You’re reinforcing the fear of the unknown (it’ll suck, they won’t pick up, I’ll just annoy them etc) and reinforcing the comfort of doing nothing.

One way to keep your attitude strong and working for you is to remember that you already have “No” in your pocket.

The worst thing that’s going to happen if you make that call is that the person on the other end of the line says no. The worst thing that’s going to happen in your valuation appointment is that the person tells you no.

There’s not much else to lose.

Make sure you remind yourself that you have value to offer the people you’re calling. They need to talk to you. Taking this mindset will help build your confidence and get over the fear of the unknown from the call.

You already own the no, but if you have the right attitude, take action and get uncomfortable, you might just earn a yes.

Recognise when you’ve become comfortable

Success itself leads to comfort. When you’re winning, it’s really easy to keep winning and to stop looking for ways to get better to serve your clients better.

Always fight for another peak.

What we mean by this is keep improving. Hit your goals and re-adjust to higher goals. Push past the success you’ve achieved so far to allow yourself the room to achieve more.

If you push yourself to get uncomfortable once or twice and then stop, the rest of the world will catch up and over take you.

Remember what being uncomfortable felt like and remember how you got through it. Rinse and repeat this process.

So, what can we do on a regular basis to actually make sure that we stay uncomfortable and keep improving?

Reevaluate your processes

Your days are your year in miniature.

What do you do on a daily basis is what is going to drive your business every day. Doesn’t matter if you’ve had the best month of your career, or if it’s been barron, keep a record of what your days looked like in between. Success leaves clues.

Understand the behaviours that drive your best results, and realign your time and energy to do more of that. Similarly, understand what isn’t working for you and pivot.

Think of your behaviours like a tool box. You wouldn’t use every tool at one time, you’d pick the right ones for the job. If something isn’t working, don’t put it away forever, just try another tool.

It’s important to do this often. We dissect our own strategies here at Homesearch, both around development and marketing, month to month.

Get a support network

Getting a no sucks. It never doesn’t.

Getting uncomfortable and trying for results you’ve never got before is going to be hard and you’re going to want to quit.

A way to get through it is to surround yourself with people on the same journey as you. People who are going to keep you accountable to your mission.

Line up your goals with theirs for each day, week, month or year and develop an action plan on how to achieve them together.

Celebrate the little wins. Have a week where you ticked all the process boxes and got no ‘wins’ is a win itself. This is the behaviour you want to cement.

Bringing it all together....

We’re creatures of habit. We like snoozing for another 10 minutes under our sheets, we like to put our big things off until “tomorrow”. Often why we fail at anything is because it’s uncomfortable. It’s hard and it’s hard on our attitude.

The key is to understand where we’re getting stuck in our own comfort and to change our behaviours to challenge that comfort because it’s doing nothing to help us achieve our goals.

If we can find the guts to challenge our comfort enough, we’ll begin to realise that nothing’s as bad as we think it is in our heads and grow ever more comfortable in being uncomfortable.

Action to take TODAY: Identify one thing within your business where you’ve become comfortable. Where in your business are you no longer pushing yourself? Pick that one thing and look at why your comfortable, and ask yourself what would happen if you pushed yourself in that area again? What does the otherside of uncomfortable look like to you?