Everyday things you can do to inspire your team

Estate agency is a game of numbers and often tough sells.

With targets to hit, instructions to win and commissions on the line, it’s a high-stress environment and the pressure is always on. This means that agent burnout is a real problem in the industry and leaders need to take a stand.

To create a healthy work life balance and increase job satisfaction, business owners and senior leadership must look out for their staff and promote a positive work environment that inspires self-care, self-belief and self-motivation.

Here are a few easy ways you can work to get the good vibes flowing in your office.

Build core values

This is where you need to start.

At the heart of every great business is a set of strong and well-defined values. Why does your company exist and why do you do what you do everyday? Once you work out your purpose, jot it down and use it to keep yourself accountable.

You might not be able to impart a companies values on all your staff, but you can encourage them to think on their own and live by their own core values.

Core values, as a business or as an individual, act as our compass. If we act outside of theses, we're only letting ourselves down.

Set clear goals

You’ve established your values, so now it’s time to set some short, medium and long-term goals.

Where do you want to be in one, five and 10 years’ time? For a team-building exercise, get everyone in your office to share these objectives and then brainstorm ways to achieve them.

Having clear direction and a team of colleagues rooting for eachother and working towards the same shared goals is incredibly motivating, so always embrace opportunities to collaborate.

Offer upskill and personal development strategies

"We can't afford to train our staff" or "we don't train our staff because they all leave" are two statements heard far too often in UK agency. We'd wager you can't afford NOT to invest in your people.

The benefits of encouraging your staff to seek extra training are twofold. On one hand, you will have a team of highly skilled professionals that love what they do; on the other, your staff will feel supported by you.

Not only will they work harder to achieve your vision, but retention rates will be high because they feel like you’ve got their best interests at heart. Ask them what they want to learn about, you might be surprised by their answers!

Friendly competition

There’s nothing more motivating than a bit of friendly competition.

Why not introduce a fun leaderboard that doesn’t just focus on deal numbers but includes referrals, whatsapp voice messages that get replies (trust us, this WORKS) and any other interesting ideas you can come up with?

Estate agents are competitive by nature, so use what makes them tick to get some extra energy out of their day.

Public recognition of achievements and show appreciation

Public recognition isn’t hard, but it goes a hell of a long way. If they’ve done a good job, tell them.

Give them the tools they need

We wouldn't ask our developers to code complex algorithms without the right technology, so why would you send your agents out in the field without the right tools to back them up? CRMs, data tools, even the right phone systems are essential components of a great agent’s daily routine.

Systems and tools take the hard work out of nurturing leads and clients, and streamline efficiency and improve your brand’s public recognition. Win, win, win.

Go green

We love office plants and your staff will too. A bit of green in the office goes more than a long way to increasing mood and producitivty.

Bringing it all together...

Estate agents want to feel valued. They want to feel challenged. They want to know that there's a pay off (financially and emotionally) to the all hard work they're putting in.

As a leader in your business, it falls to you to make sure all these boxes are ticked.

Don’t just be a boss; be a cheerleader, be a fan and be a role model they can rely on.