Why work with us?

Other than Homesearch being free until 2020 for agents, we've got a few reasons why we'll make great partners.

*This is an op-ed from our Commercial Director, Sam Hunter.

"Why should we use Homesearch?"

I’ve been asked this question a few times recently.

"Wouldn’t we be better-off using our own data like we've always done or get our info from *you know who*?"

Despite the reassurance that comes naturally when working with bigger, older companies, my answer is “no” to this question.

Regardless of company size, my advice is always to consider the benefits from all providers. As someone who works in a small company, clearly I’m biased. My selfishness aside, there’s a compelling case for working with the little guy.

Good things come in small packages. 

I appreciate that a degree of doubt or uncertainty may accompany the decision to partner with a small company, so I’d like to share my views on why start-ups and next-stage businesses make better partners than the establishment.


We're agile

We are free to adapt to the changing needs of our customers, as well as reacting faster to new threats of competition or changing market conditions. It enables us to experiment and innovate quickly, based purely off user feedback.

We firmly believe that experimentation is the most important form of innovation. And the best way to experiement is using direct customer feedback. We are in a position to push and improve our service continually, never settling.


We listen

We're all about working closely together to drive both incremental improvements to the platform, as well as whole new feature sets, which in turn can uncover new features and services (the definition of win-win).

Large software providers often find it difficult to do this. New ideas take much longer to be reviewed, agreed, designed and developed. By the time it happens, the value in the first opportunity has passed.

In contrast, we are built to co-create. We hope that you get a version of Homesearch that perfectly fits your needs and in turn, we hope we get a loyal business partner for life. Everybody wins.


You know who you're talking to

Being a small company means we literally don't have that many hands to be on deck. If you've got a question that needs an answer, you're going to speak to one of the people who've built this thing. Access to key people when you need it helps to build trust on both sides and often speeds up decision making. What better customer service is there than that? 


Bringing it all home

Why write this (other than for blatant and unashamed business development?), because I want to highlight that while we might be new, and we might be small, I and everyone here at Homesearch, want to make it known that we're big enough to handle your business, yet small enough to care.

✌️ Sam