How millennials are redefining customer service in estate agency

As a millennial, I always use Google first whenever I have a problem.

The beautiful thing about living in such a connected world is that 99.9% of the time - someone’s had the same problem as me, before me, and has usually found a solution.

And it’s not just me. Most of my millennial friends and colleagues do the same thing.  

This digital savvy generation - people who were born between 1980 and 2000 - are changing the rules of business and customer service. We don’t often call customer reps, we do loads of homework (a digital interview of sorts) and instead prefer efficient self-service.

We don’t suffer in silence if an experience doesn’t live up to our expectations. We tweet it out or post on Facebook because in hopes the company cares enough about our opinions to right the wrong.

Self-indulgent? Maybe. But it’s commonplace and to ignore it is to the detriment of any business.

Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers and become the largest consumer demographic, with an enormous amount of buying power.

As an estate agent, you should be thinking about millennials every day.

So how to make sure your agency set up to serve millennials?

Remember a few key points

Millennials love self-service

Call us the DIY Generation. Having grown up with internet at fingertips, millennials are used to hunting information for themselves. Whenever we want something, we’ll do our homework online first.

Make it easy for us.

A smart move is to create content around your local community, common issues faced by anyone in property and foster a community where millennials (and anyone) can connect and learn from you (and maybe even give advice to each other).

When people can find answers to the basic questions quickly, you’ll build trust from the outset and have more time to deal with more complex issues.

This also shows you respect the opinions and time of your potential clients.

Millennials want it fast

Speed is critical. Not just because we (allegedly) have a short attention span. Millennials expect to get a response within 10 minutes after reaching out for customer service. Look to automate your repetitive tasks so you can exceed this expectation.

Millennials prefer text messaging over phone calls

Instead of blocking the phone line all night, talking to our friends - we grew up with MSN messenger. A quick back and forth over text will achieve more with most millennials than phone tennis ever will.

Millennials stay in message threads all the time, whether it’s SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It’s instant and mobile, which allows them to respond quickly wherever they are.

Look at your call connect figures and see if you can improve by texting. Research shows 20% of millennials currently don’t receive any text messages from businesses at all.

This alone could make a difference to your bottom line.

Millennials love authentic engagement on social media

Social media is the main customer service channel for millennials. Don’t hide behind a corporate brand or voice on your Facebook page. Be yourself, show your followers that you’re human and that you’re willing to be the real you online, rather than a stale company profile like so many others.

Millennials demand personalisation

Compared with previous generations, millennials are more willing to share their personal data with brands to receive better and more personalised service.

If you run a business by blanket emailing the same set of details to all your contacts, it’s time to change or you’re going to be dying a fast death over the next few years.

Ask more questions of all your clients (not just us millennials), really listen to their answers and adapt your service to each and everyone.

Yes, it’s more work and yes, it’s more rewarding!

Bringing it all together...

Millennials are all grown up and here to stay. Dismissing us at the lazy generation is a mistake not worth making.

Give us focus in your business. Give us everything we need to learn about your agency before we even need to pick up the phone (or a live chat) and give us personalised service when we do get to know each other and we’ll give you our business without question.