Some of you reading this are not going to like what I say. Why? Because you have got quite a lot of 'stuff' wrong - primarily sucking at marketing (don't worry, it's not your fault).

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Stop making these marketing mistakes, please!

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Oct 14, 2019

(4 months ago)

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Stop making these marketing mistakes, please!

Some of you reading this are not going to like what I say. Why? Because you have got quite a lot of 'stuff' wrong - primarily sucking at marketing (don't worry, it's not your fault).

The biggest problem is marketing’s interpretation.

So many think it’s a bit of Facebook and Twitter, bung a few flyers through doors or maybe, if you’re really brave, you chuck £100 at Google Ads this month, or a Linkedin look-a-like campaign.

This is not marketing.

These are SOME of the ingredients that make up the marketing smorgasbord. But it’s even more wrong that this.

I spend a lot of time in all these social media channels and all I see is a plethora of flash car images, want-to-be flashy men in open-necked shirts, three buttons undone, smarmily smiling at camera with some form of development as a backdrop, with a caption that reads along the lines of, “Look how amazing I am, how much I love myself and how much cash I’ve just made on this deal”. 

And the most recent phenomena are the in-car, preachy videos, carefully positioned embossed car branding in the leather slipping into shot.

It’s so Gordon Gecko. So dated - and so decidedly average. Where is the value to the customer? Please, just stop.

Another peeve are all the hastily posted (very worthy in most cases) images of pretty - or not-so-pretty - homes for sale.

However, what is patently lacking is the differentiation, the personalisation. The images have no reason to be there other than, to me, the biggest business-killing cancer, ‘it’s what everyone else does’ labelled as branding. 

I am sure they work, to a point. But they could be so much more valuable to your clients and to you. 

Marketing isn’t your logo, colours or font. It’s not putting a few pictures and smart comments on social media.

It’s not putting a few pictures and smart comments on social media. Or having nice t-shirts at MIPIM.

Marketing is what you passionately believe in. Marketing is why you are in business. Marketing is your differentiation.

Marketing is your story; and it should be told by everyone in your business. It certainly isn’t there to feed lazy sales teams leads.

Also, marketing doesn’t stop when you get the instruction, sale or rental. It continues forever. It’s called a relationship. Every customer should be treated as a customer for life. It’s just basic respect, and good business sense. 

It’s time to wake up and smell the freshly-brewed B.S.

It’s time to be real, time to be you and start funneling all your marketing through your utter belief in why you are in business. It’s time to believe that marketing never stops, because it is your business; start, middle and end. 

This means thinking differently.

Stop making your goals about the deal or about money - these are consequences of your efforts around your marketing, negotiating, your differentiation, your service.

These short-term metrics are yardsticks that come at problem solving from the wrong end. Instead, turn your goals into what the customer needs, solve their problems and make them - utterly, unreservedly - the centre of your world. Then, if your reasons for existing in business don’t solve any problems, don’t differentiate, are not original and are not serving,change them. Or the market will. Serve or perish.

So, yes, marketing is hard work because it’s not one thing. It’s everything.

But it is so astonishingly rewarding when you get it right, and I don’t just mean chubbing-up your wallet. That will happen too, but as a consequence of your activity and effort. 

This elephant cannot be consumed in one sitting. Start small, start smart and use technology to help serve you - as it always should.

Remember to also set up ways to count where success is coming from, or you are pissing into the wind wearing tan chinos. And if you don’t consider yourself a creative, that’s okay. It can be learned. It really can.

Read, learn and copy. I don’t mean literally rip people off, please don’t that's just lazy. I mean, take the ingredients from others that have inspired you and shape them into your originality. Ideas are clay; mould them into your you. For your why.

Last two things. 

Do you want to know what the most successful marketing strategy is, like ever, ever?

It’s simplicity incarnate: CARE - and I mean really care. Please.

The second is: do the work [sound of the mic hitting the floor]