Intrapreneurs make the best Estate Agents

Intrapreneurs are natural born salespeople. But they need the right culture and environment to thrive.

When you’re involved in the start-up community you hear a lot (A LOT) about entrepreneurs. More and more however, I’m meeting some very switched on intrapreneurs (a label I am far more comfortable putting on myself).

The more I read into what an intrapreneur is, the more I realise how these traits directly relate to being a kick-ass estate agent.

Intrapreneurs are valuable team members in companies (they definitely are in ours), who apply the principles of entrepreneurship in their daily work. They’re hard-working and self-motivated free thinkers who transform businesses quicker than other employees.

Back when I first got into selling houses I always knew one thing - I never wanted a “real job”. Anyone who’s ever had a job they owned, rather than one they just showed up to, will understand what I mean by that.

Homesearch today is filled with intrapreneurs. Our people all think and behave like founders. Their thoughts and actions are the lifeblood of our company. Without their creativity and effort we wouldn’t be where we are today.

So if you’re a business owner or a corporate manager and you’re reading this, how do you recognise and develop intrapreneurs, and importantly, how can you be sure they won’t leave?

And if you’re someone wanted to take their career to the next level, how do you act like an intrapreneur?

Here’s a few traits to look or strive for:

Intrapreneurs always have a startup mentality

Instead of problems, intrapreneurs see opportunities. Dynamic thought and a can-do-mentality are vital for someone who needs perform to survive.

Intrapreneurs conduct themselves in a highly ethical manner

Intrapreneurs act with objectivity and always do what is right, regardless of their personal feelings. Intrapreneurs recognise and encourage others for their involvement and contributions. They behave authentically and with integrity, always.

Note for business owners: If you get enough intrapreneurs into your business, their value systems will turn into your organisation’s culture.

Intrapreneurs are less distracted

These people don’t waste time unconsciously. By that I mean, we all procrastinate, but we do it for a reason. An intrapreneur will never mindlessly sit around and do nothing when there’s important work to be done. It’ll be strategic.  

Intrapreneurs are Mentors

Mentoring is one of the best and proven forms of influence and knowledge sharing. Intrapreneurs are on the constant look out for mentors who can help them improve. Intrapreneurs make great mentors as well and often see teaching as the best way of learning. As soon as they learn something new and worthwhile, they are ready to share their knowledge with others.

Note for business owners: Imagine your business in 12 months if you had a core group of staff learning and sharing with each other and everyone else in your business.

Intrapreneurs are Constant learners

This point leads directly on from the one above. Intrapreneurs are constant learners. Whether it is personal or professional growth, they’re hungry to constantly learn and improve. The more we learn, better we operate.

Note for business owners: Learning leads to earning. Gift these people avenues to improve.

Estate Agency is coming towards its tipping point here in the UK.

There is already no room for agents reliant on leads coming to them. There’s no room for agents without the skill and compassion to understand what their clients are going through before, during and after they move. There’s no room for agents who who take orders back and forth from two parties and call it negotiation.

Hiring a few talented individuals and hoping for the best, without changing anything about your organisation, won’t cut it. Companies need a strategic plan for professionalising and institutionalising intrapreneurship across their organisations.

Estate agency needs more intrapreneurs and it is the responsibility of companies of all sizes need to create a career for these people, rather than just a job.