Old techniques, new technology

With the impact of Covid-19 now really hitting home, agents are looking to reimagine and reinvent their practices moving forward. 

As technology starts to play more of a role in an agent's day to day activities, one thing remains (and will always remain) true: great estate agents are professionals who understand their clients and value long-term relationships.

What the best agents have always known is now becoming clearer to those who merely tried to do business on fee alone - no lead generation tool, no portal, no marketing material will ever truly compete with an agent who has the relationship with their client.

So it’s only natural that technology should evolve to complement this process, not fight against it as in the past.

It’s exactly what we’re doing with the Homesearch Network. We don’t usually talk about ourselves in our blogs, but every now and then it’s relevant for both us and you.

We’re encouraging proven techniques and processes, and enhancing them with new technology. 

A digital door-knock

Door-knocking has its place 2020, but given we’re all more socially distanced than ever - it’s time to take it online. 

The Homesearch Network will let you know the exact addresses that your best buyers and tenants are looking for, allowing you to prospect in a more efficient and highly targeted way.  

If they’re ready to move, you have the buyer or tenant already. If not, you’ll start building another relationship. It’s a data-driven win win.

Database or die

This was the first lesson I learned in real estate. The value of your business can be determined by how much you put into your database. 

Inside your database there are plenty of hidden vendors and landlords.

The Network will help you unearth them and convert them. It will make it easier to recognise your passive clients on the cusp of becoming vendors, and deliver you exactly who you need to call day to day. We will work closely with your CRM provider to make sure this process is as efficient as possible for you too.

Deals directly off the back of your previous successes

One of the better experiences the Network will give to you as an agent (and to the public) is what happens when you sell or let something.

We want to encourage best practices, and that means not leaving sold or let instructions as available online for the sole purpose of gathering leads. 

It does nothing for the public and does even less for your relationship with them.

Instead, on the Homesearch Network, when you mark an instruction as under offer, we’ll show your potential buyers or tenants the number of “similar homes that are likely to move” and encourage them to contact you about these properties.

From there, you’ll not only have a lead come through, but the addresses to prospect that matter most. This is how we can connect you with a buyer or tenant and a seller or landlord, all through technology. 


Tune in next week for part two of why the Network will work for you.