Part 2 - Old techniques, new technology

The race to the bottom is over. Covid-19 saw to that. True estate agency is a skill, not a commodity; and the future is bright.

I wrote this opening quote for an article I was asked to comment on titled, “The Future of Estate Agency”. I was given 250 words which meant I had to keep it quite punchy. I thought it was a fitting way to start part two of our discussion around merging the old and new schools of estate agency.

Part one covered off on the digital door knock, mining your database and making the most of your previous successes

In part two, we’ll keep the material pretty simple, but update it with a bit of 2020 technological efficiency.

The Network Effect

When we thought up the ‘Network’ name we didn’t realise just how fitting it would be.

A ‘network effect’ is defined as a phenomenon whereby increased numbers of people or participants improve the value of a good or service.

And it’s exactly true for you with the Homesearch Network.

Here’s how it works. You invite someone to use Homesearch and you’re connected with them. You’re their recommended local agent, and they see your company name each and every time they search. 

But here’s where it gets really worthwhile for your agency. Homesearch has delivered such an outstanding and informative experience to that user that they’d invited their friends to track their own homes. Well, so long as those people are searching for homes in your patch, you’re now their recommended local agent and they see your company name each and every time they search, too. The network effect. 

Think of Homesearch as less of a portal and more of a top-of-mind, always on, prospecting tool for you (or your competition).

Happy Anniversary

One of the oldest and easiest ways to stay in touch. With Homesearch, you’ll know when the anniversary is for every home in your patch and you’ll be able to contact any you choose at the click of a button.

Positive Prospecting 

Everyone’s been touting each other’s stock for years. Yes it’s low hanging fruit, but it’s an expensive exercise to have to buy (or sometimes bid for) your postcodes, hope there’s a decent amount of matched full address data, and then pay overs to mail these properties a letter that two or three of your competition have likely sent on the same day too. 

With Homesearch, you can take a more positive approach to your prospecting. Not only will the Network connect you with likely sellers and a list of potential buyers for their home, as well as a buyer with the list of the homes that match their search history, most likely to sell soon, but you can also prospect any address in your patch (or even the country) with just a few clicks.

You can show any potential clients the entire universe of properties that fits their needs, down to the smallest detail. One agent in Surrey used Homesearch to find his client a 3000sqft, 6+ acre property with stables. 

The low hanging, on-market fruit is there too, but there’s so many other opportunities available to you as well.

Bringing it all together...

I’m aware this was more a sales piece than an informative blog, but I hope we’ve earned the right to one of these every now and then.

Our point wasn’t to harp on about Homesearch completely, it was to highlight that the core activities don’t go away with the advent of new technology. They’re just made scalable and more efficient.

Homesearch exists to streamline and improve the good practice you’re already doing, not replace it.