There are no statistics.

written by Sally Rule of Sally Rule Consultancy.

Let me repeat that ... there are no statistics to tell you how many people have walked or driven past a house for sale.

We all have our own style and furnish our homes to suit us, however, our style will not suit everyone.

When you sell a house and work with your chosen agent, they will take photographs, write a description, promote online and have board presence. They will provide you with data of how many people have viewed the property online and how many viewings etc, but, not, how many people have walked or driven past.

Is that important?

Errr .... A big, fat, resounding yes!!

If the ‘pavement to porch’ is not presented well, people will walk and drive past and not book a viewing.

Not booking a viewing, means the homeowner misses an opportunity for an applicant to view their home and perhaps see the possibilities to create a home, to suit them and their life-style.

Over the last 30 years, I have and continue to use my signature technique (the 5Ps) to share and guide motivated homeowners to prepare and style their homes to sell.

These are:
1) Public Image
2) Pavement to Porch
3) Presentation
4) Possibilities
5) Proposal

In my humble opinion, the most important part of the 5P technique, is the second one ... ‘Pavement to Porch.’

Inviting an expert to visit your home to offer advice and ultimately, enhance your property to achieve the best price, is worth considering.

What have you to lose, but an hour or so of your time and perhaps a glass of water?

What have you to gain?

More applicants viewing, the possibilities of more offers and achieving a better price.


Thank you to Sally Rule for taking the time to share her thoughts with us. If you'd like to learn more about what Sally does, you can go to


ALSO - a month or so back Sally came into the Homesearch office and did an interview with Sam. You can see that interview here where she explains the 5P's more in depth ?: