Ways Homesearch helps grow your business

Understand your market. Get a real understanding of your local market down to an address level. See what is for sale, recently sold and conduct research on values and what makes an area really valuable. Don't just stop at the properties, get a feel for the people living in them. Delve into their demographics and really see how your market works.

Win new customers or retain existing clients. Buying, selling or letting a home is a significant decision which can potentially have a ripple effect on dozens of different transactions. Identify new business opportunities by understanding how long a property has or hasn't been on the market. See properties that have been on the market for extended periods, or recently sold and who has instructed or sold them.

Save time and effort - Use the intuitive tools within HomeSearch to view, manage and print off information on on and off-market properties, produce reports and deliver targeted direct marketing campaigns.

Engage with your market - Have more informed conversations with the people in your market based on your improved and detailed knowledge of property, pricing and features. Provide accurate reports for your own marketing efforts, pricing estimates or valuations backed by the most up-to-date property information.

Mobile access anywhere, anytime - Built and designed to be completely mobile-friendly and compatible, HomeSearch users no longer need to be in the office to be productive. Research, compare properties and create reports 24/7, at the touch of a button.