Why more and more millennials are choosing Estate Agency as a career

One of the most interesting parts of the job since we launched Homesearch has been talking to agents all around the UK and realising just how many there are that fall into the late 20s and  early 30s age groups.

We wrote last week about how millennials are having a huge effect on customer service in agency and will continue to do so.

This week, we’re taking a look at why more and more are getting into the gig for themselves.

More and more “young people” are entering estate agency because of its flexible work hours, and because the job doesn’t require an expensive university degree.

The 20th century “career path” has changed in recent years and it’s this generation who seem to be the first to wake up and realise that it’s possible to foster a meaningful life and successful career without sitting at Uni for three years first.

To put it really simple, agency is attractive to a generation who’ve seen their parents for 40  hours a week for a “decent” wage because it allows them to potentially make great money doing hard work in hours that suit them, all the while continuing their personal development with on-the-job and self-taught training.

The market expects more from agents now than they ever have and millennials are better fit for those expectations than their previous generations.

They are checking their email 12 times a day and on social media every ten minutes, and they can do it all virtually from the car, their home, a beach in Portugal and in the office.

They can multitask, which is good, because you need to be a salesperson, a marketer, sometimes a psychologist, a teacher, you need to understand and direct photography, and be a truly empathetic people person to consistently negotiate good deals for all parties.

Modern estate agency and millennials are a perfect fit and they’ll continue to grow and evolve together.