How does Homesearch work?

Every residential property in the UK
Data Supremacy. Homesearch covers 100% of the UK’s residential property market with circa 28.5 million addresses that are Homesearchable™, researchable and have detailed data, analytics and demographics surrounding each and every one.

Customised, professional reports
Our reports feature is a powerful tool inside Homesearch that helps you create beautiful, engaging, modern reports to help you stand out against competitors and provide a great service to your clients.

Available as a PDF or as a trackable micro-site, with a Homesearch report you’re able to quickly and easily tell the unique stories about any UK property and its market to position yourself and your brand as the local expert.

Land Registry Title boundaries plotted over Google Maps
For every property in Homesearch we have linked the HM Land Registry official Title outline as a polygon that sits over the top of the plot in the various map views. This enables you to rapidly identify the legal boundary, and those of neighbouring plots.

Land area for free
Homesearch automatically calculates and instantly presents various key property stats, including the total land area and internal dimensions in the property at-a-glance data tab.

Proprietary Homesearch estimate of current value for each property in the UK
Homesearch has developed a highly sophisticated way of calculating an accurate current estimate of value for each residential property in the UK. Our data science team uses machine learning and complex algorithms to estimate the current value.

Live planning and planning history on every UK property
Understanding at-a-glance planning at street and district level to gain a clearer understanding of potential value uplift, and what will and will not be passed, enables more powerful and informed conversations with potential buyers and sellers.

Planning keyword searches
Within Explorer, you have the ability to search an address, building, street, district or sector purely filtering for targeted keywords using the Planning tab.

Historical house sale price performance data, from the last 12 months
How many times have you been asked, "So what have house prices been doing over the last few months?" and responded with a generic answer?

No more.

After your property search, simply scrolling down the page and selecting one of multiple dropdowns, you can now answer with complete confidence and present a time-graph of metrics and demographics at property, street and district level. You can even show them 'your' visualisation of the data and change the time-frame in front of them. Truly powerful and intimate property information is now at your fingertips.

Powerful market demographics at street, district and sector level
Homesearch has the most accurate feed of people data available in the UK.

Breakdowns of houses, flats, tenures, mortgages, people, gender, age groups, household income, personal income and marital status in an instant, at street and district level.

Never-before have you been able to create such a comprehensive and data-driven picture for your customers.