What are Homesearch Reports?

We have created highly detailed, self-branded and customisable property Sales Market Reports centred around a single property search, with added sections on street and district intelligence, comparables and easy-to-read sales charts and bespoke people demographics, either as a ‘microsite’ or a 15-page, A4 PDF.

Single click

Once you have created a Search, with a single click you are automatically taken to the Report customisation section where you can personalise, brand and fine-tune multiple elements of the Report to make it highly specific to your and your customer’s needs.

Professionally designed

Our own highly experienced design team has worked closely with our property experts to create a clean, simple yet perfectly detailed and highly relevant microsite/document that has been created to be shared with colleagues, customers or even used in your live client visits, calls and marketing processes.

Make it your own

One of our aims when creating Homesearch Reports was to save Agents many hours researching and designing bespoke reports to enable them to do more of what they love, creating opportunities to buy, sell and rent property. Many parts of the report can be adapted to have your own branding, personalised welcome letters and contact details, add and remove comparables from those automatically created and fine-tune key points, property considerations and even add your own images over the standard Google Street View.


We understand that the level of service and knowledge expected of Agents by customers is incredibly high; the difference between being engaged and not, gaining the trust on a call or having the edge over competition can be the smallest of margins. Homesearch Reports can be created rapidly - once you have completed the initial template set-up, which usually takes about ten minutes. After this, every new Report takes around 15 seconds, can be viewed live on your phone and tablet or saved as a PDF to be emailed seconds after - or while still on - a call.

Analysis on Report activity

With a long history of providing marketing data to blue chip organisations, we know a static Report isn’t nearly as useful as knowing what effect that Report is having - if you can’t count it, why do it! So built in to Homesearch Reports is the ability to share each Report as a trackable ‘microsite’ and view key stats on customers’ activity, automatic email alerts of report opens, generating the perfect discussion points for follow-up opportunities.

Example Sales Market Report

Click to download an example PDF Sales Market Report
or read it online using our online viewer (now download needed)

Reports FAQ

Q. Can we use the report as a template and just change the property?

A. This is exactly how we have designed the Report customisation to work, to you save time repeatedly doing the same task. Set-up the intro letter and signature elements once and just alter the Summary section each time as needed, then hit ‘Generate’. Each Report then just takes a matter of seconds.

Q. What if I don’t want the Homesearch estimated value in the Report?

A. No problem, either deselect this option - or edirt to your own value and range - in the ‘Target Property’ tab.

Q. The Google Street Views are not always up-to-date or the best view, can this be changed?

A. Yes. You can upload your own image, or a use screengrab of an alternative Google Street View in the ‘Target Property’ tab. Alternatively, you can choose to not show an image.

Q. Can you change the comparable properties the Report shows?

A. Not only can you deselect properties, but you can sort them by numerous key metrics, plus change the distance from the chosen property the Report references comparable houses.

Q. How many ‘Key points’ and ‘Things to consider’ can you add?

A. You get 5 free form text boxes for each.

Q. How does the ‘microsite’ analytics work?

A. In the Reports dashboard, all of your saved Reports are listed and can be viewed online, copy a link to send in an email, set email alerts for activity or re-open for editing the Report.

Q. Can you re-edit/customer previous saved Reports?

A. Yes, great if you need to go back to a potential customer with new details. Q. Do Reports have an expiry date? A. Yes, each Report expires after 30 days.

Q. Do Reports have an expiry date?

A. Yes, each Report expires after 30 days.

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