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What agents are saying about us

I was blown away... the results were epic

Perry Power - Perry Power

We feel that finally Homesearch puts the power of the property search into the hands of the searcher and enables the best agents to prove their worth as property matchmakers. We had value to not only the buyer but also the seller by using this ground breaking search platform.

Anthony Jones Properties

I think it genuinely offers property searchers a fresh, new and exciting way to find their new home, which may or may not yet be readily available on the open market. It also provides the general public with extensive knowledge….

Fells New Forest

It’s designed to put estate agents first and enable them to create a network based on the best way business is, and has been, done for hundreds of years… referrals! This will truly rip up the ‘rule’ book that has been created by the current property portals.


Homesearch is a ground-breaking tool

Katie Griffin - Sawdye & Harris

HS will be a game changer, because it replicates how we as industry professionals want to engage with the public. I appreciate that the consumer is always the driving force and has been for so long with the portals however, HS will change the balance a little. Let me explain why. As an agent, I want to be able to track what clients are looking at and try and gauge what they are looking for. To be able to promote new instructions to the right buyers The current portals don’t really allow me to do that however, with Homesearch I can sense there will be an opportunity for deeper relationships to be built. We will be able to track what clients are preferencing and profiling and build that into our discussions and searches. This brings me onto Explorer. This is the gamechanger. I have spent a long time in this industry and this is by far and away the most excited I have been about something for a long time… . Even more excited than laser measurers and let me tell you… . I was pretty damn drooling over my first device I’ve already zoom called several clients to show them how we can profile their searches and target specific properties for them… . Their chins disappear off the bottom of the share screen and then comes the realisation… . I am their gateway This has already brought me such a boost to my business. My fees have increased, my relationships with vendors have become closer and I’m getting such a buzz to see my team absolutely loving the fact that we’re no longer looking at being property listers and portal messenger responders… . We’re far better than that and Homesearch has allowed us to promote all that we know in a better way. I’ve never worked such long hours and yet I’m far more content than I can remember Happy and engaged clients and a more integral relationship with all of them.

Ian Crampton - Ferndown Estates

A really successful part of our business now in attracting clients

Ian Crampton - Ferndown Estates

At KFH we pride ourselves on our local and London-wide market knowledge, experience and expertise. Homesearch Pro gives our people access to market data and reports that greatly enhance and support our ability to continue to give our customers and clients exceptional service.

Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward

The data and services available to us as agents is mind-blowing. We think the public will benefit massively from this new and very unique offering to the portal market. Well done team Homesearch.

James Neave Estates

We would definitely be able to credit our growth this year to the blogs and the subsequent ideas they have generated for us not to mention the Homesearch reports themselves! We have enthusiastically subscribed in 2020 as we wouldn't be able give our clients the best service without them.

Chinneck Shaw