Your ultimate weapon in the

battle for market share.

Grow your estate agency using our suite of lead generation, prospecting, and nurture tools. No matter what the market is doing.

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The only proptech every good agent needs

Data on every residential property

White-labelled prospecting

Real-time market data and insights

Interactive property reports

Dedicated client success team

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Supporting you at every stage

Convert your contacts into instructions our new product Re:Contact

Re:Contact helps you engage your contacts with relevant market information. Combining the power of your CRM and live on-market activity you can call, email or message your contacts at the right time and with the right message.

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More leads

Use our white-labelled search engine to get every buyer and seller starting their search with you, ahead of the portals. Boost your existing marketing efforts and bring new leads into your database 3-6 months before you normally would.

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More opportunities

Give your clients access to 100x more options than what they’ll see on any of the portals, putting you at the very centre of each and every search. Show clients you’re networked to every single home in your patch, unlock frozen sellers who can’t find where they want to go and turn every non-progressable buyer into multiple instructions

Use our slick custom reports, targeted direct mail, market data and comparables, on-market full addresses and off market data to nurture and win their instructions.

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Better conversion and more instructions

Leverage every single enquiry you get from the portals and save money. Achieve more instructions, more enquiries, more viewings, and more offers. Show buyers and sellers you can help them find their next home by unlocking doors to homes they won’t find on the portals. Win their instruction and the onward instruction too. Before you know it, you’re looking at a cascade of instructions.

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How we’re different

Higher quality of data

Updated in real time - more frequently
than any other data provider

Greater volume of data

60% of which is proprietary - meaning we hold data for 16m more homes than competitors

One price regardless of your area

Your branch price includes all users and
your entire patch

A more complete product

Serving all stages of the estate agency journey - from early prospecting to anniversary reports

More competitively priced direct mail

Spend less on direct mail and get better results

Training and ongoing customer service

An expert team ready and willing to help backed by Google and industry reviews

How we differ from a portal


1500+ Offices using Homesearch
600+ Google and industry reviews
14x Average ROI for our clients


“Enough to blow you away”

The property search tool is enough to blow you away. Agents should definitely sign up before the competition does. But it's not just about the technology, but the ethos - put the buyer first, show them what's available and the rest falls into place from there.

Natalie Barton


“Not just another subscription”

The experience has been seamless from the initial call to actually subscribing and using the product. Homesearch are proactive and always looking to help my business and find better ways of sourcing new clients. A very useful tool and not just another subscription

Inderjit Lotay

Peaksons Property Limited

"Second to none"

Five stars are not enough. Absolutely love Homesearch, the system and what it enables me to do to help grow my business & brand. cannot fault in any way, the service, the people and the system are second to none!

Steve Grantham

Steve Grantham Bespoke

"Up front and on it"

Homesearch is an incredible tool, the software is easy to use, and the opportunities is presents are amazing. The team have been incredible and surpassed all expectations and continue to do so. We left another prop tech supplier who brought nothing to the party, service was shocking and we were tied in, we then chose to go with Homesearch after an incredible presentation, no pushy sales, they are just up front and on it.

Paula Challenger

Challenger Burgess Estate Agents