Landlord lead generator

Our newest tool designed to help you get more landlord details without ever buying another title or spending money on direct mail. It will save you hundreds of pounds a month when it comes to finding and winning new managed properties, as well as help you nurture those existing landlords in your database without any of the hard work.


All you have to do is share one link as far and wide as possible and then pick up the leads as they come flying in.

This is the perfect way to attract new landlords into your database but also nurture your existing ones.


Why will this appeal to landlords?
It speaks to the two main challenges landlords are concerned with right now:
1. Getting enough rent for their properties
2. Compliance
It gives them valuable information on both elements so, for them (and you) it's a really helpful tool.
Why include the EPC element?
We think it provides landlords with some excellent value from you but without you having to do the heavy lifting. The technology does all of that for you! And best of all, you get their info so you can have an even better conversation from the outset.
Can this only be used to attract new landlords into my database?
No! It also allows you to service your existing database of landlords even better. You can use the tool to remind them they’re due for their 6 month service report. All they have to do is click the link to receive their report comparing their entire portfolio.
Why is this different to other automated valuation models out there?
It's different for a number of reasons:

1. It allows the landlord to compare their own portfolio - which is great for them. But it’s also great for you as the agent because you can deliver a valuable service without having to lift a finger AND it gives you the opportunity to triple or even quadruple the value of that lead if they have more than one property.

2. The EPC element delivers them a valuable service without you having to do any up front work. Whatever their status on EPC, it gives you an opportunity to open up a conversation about how you can help.

3. The sales element of Homesearch allows you to elegantly, effortlessly and effectively cross sell between your lettings and sales teams.

4. You get the leads regardless of the fact they might abandon cart or not proceed to a report.

5. The volume, quality and accuracy of the data is unrivalled

So many agents use the same AVM. This is your opportunity to offer your clients something truly unique.
Once I'm set up, what do I have to do? How do I get the link out there?
All you have to do is market your unique link as far and as wide as possible. Involve your marketing team in this as they'll have great ideas. You can use it in any of your free social media activity, email campaigns, email signatures, business cards, wind cards in branch, newsletters and of course, in any paid for advertising you are doing. Our advice would be to include it in as much of your existing marketing as possible!