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What are the main benefits of using Homesearch for an agent?
Homesearch's suite of prospecting and nurture tools are designed to help you save time and money, whilst also helping you steal a march on your competitors. Our tools help you prospect better, generate more leads and convert more valuations. As far as our data goes, we're unmatched for volume and accuracy so you can be confident you have everything you need to support your clients and grow your market share.
How is Homesearch different to other prospecting platforms?
We're unmatched when it comes to data in terms of accuracy and volume. When you use Homesearch, you'll find that you have more information available at your fingertips meaning you can create the best highly targeted campaigns (and reduce waste) but also serve your clients better than any other agent.

Our customer service stands out too. Our clients consistently tell us that our team goes above and beyond to help- whether that's just top tips in using the system or better ways of prospecting and structuring campaigns.

Our two newest tools take lead generation to a different level: our consumer facing white label search engine means that you can help more of your buyers find their dream homes and turn more buyers into sellers. And our landlord lead generator means you'll attract more landlords into your pipeline without having to do any heavy lifting.
What type of ROI might I typically see?
On average, clients who follow our advice and best practice tend to see an average of 14 x ROI.
What kind of support will I get if I sign up?
You can expect outstanding support from day 1. One of our Client Success Managers will work closely with you to put in place a bespoke training plan and help you get the most out of the platform so you can start seeing results quickly.
What different products do you have available?
We have a number of different products that can help estate agents grow their market share.

Our first (and flagship) product is Homesearch PRO which includes on and off market prospecting tools, our free to use lead magnet, interactive market guides/reports plus our proprietary data of course.

Our second product is our white-label search engine for consumers. This helps more of your buyers find their dream homes (on or off market) and shows you where to do your prospecting. Agents use it successfully to generate more buyer leads and to turn more buyers into sellers. It's truly unique- there is nothing else like it out there and all you have to do is share just one link in your marketing.

Our newest product is our landlord lead generator which helps you find more landlord leads without having to do any heavy lifting. Again, all you have to do is share one link and watch the leads come flooding in.


Where does our data come from?
We get asked this a lot and the truth is, our data is our secret sauce! What we can say is that 40% of our data is from the trusted data sources other suppliers use such as Royal Mail, ONS, and Land Registry. What makes us truly different is that the other 60% of our data is completely proprietary- meaning you just can't find it anywhere else. That means you can use it to stand head and shoulders above other competitors in your area.
How many of the listings can we match the full address to?
Between 65-67% UK wide. This is based on the properties on the market - not the instructions listed on the agents websites/portals.
How do we match so many more?
We use our own proprietary Homesearch data to match more than any other company offering a similar service.
How often is our data updated?
Homesearch data is updated very regularly - that's why we're a trusted source for so many estate agents out there. Our live market data is updated daily and our planning data weekly. Land registry is updated as and when possible.

Everything else is monthly. We rebuild the entire system, and all 29m addresses, every 30 days.

Sending letters from Homesearch PRO

What paper stock are our letters/postcards?
All envelopes are 90GSM recycled paper and A4 letters are printed on 120GSM white paper
A5 postcards are printed on 400GSM double sided, non-laminated (so they can be recycled), cardboard.
A4 letters that are co/solo branded are sent in plain white, window faced, envelopes and the addresses are printed on the letter themselves.
PDF letters and PDF A5 postcards are sent in plain white, non-window, envelopes and the addresses are printed on the envelope themselves

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