On-market prospecting

Just because a property is on the market already doesn’t mean that it’s a lost opportunity. And that’s because
there’s always competitor agents out there that over-price, under-charge and under-deliver.
Homesearch helps you maximise these second chance opportunities to help more motivated
vendors achieve a successful result.

Full addresses and real-time updates

The platform flags and, using the data it holds for every address, automatically matches the full addresses of on-market properties. This enables you to then track these properties and provide real-time updates about time on market, price changes, agent changes and more.

There are over 1 million live instructions tracked every day, most new ones being shown within 24 hours of going live, and they are de-duplicated so that multi-instructed properties only appear once, while your own stock is automatically removed so there can’t be any mix-ups. As an agent, you will no longer be relying on luck and can optimise your on-market prospecting strategy by sending highly targeted, customised campaigns based on real-time data and insights.


Where does Homesearch get it's on-market data?
We gather our on-market data from every estate agents website, every single day. This is what makes our on-market data unique compared to any other service that may appear similar.
What areas does on-market data cover?
Agents have access to the on-market addresses for their core patch only (6 postcode districts maximum per branch).
What is the expected ROI?
If any agent targets the right triggers, and remains consistent in their prospecting, they can expect a 1.25% response rate from their on-market prospecting. This means for every 150 letters, they should receive two calls for valuations from sellers looking to switch agents


“Enough to blow you away”

The property search tool is enough to blow you away. Agents should definitely sign up before the competition does. But it's not just about the technology, but the ethos - put the buyer first, show them what's available and the rest falls into place from there.

Natalie Barton


“Not just another subscription”

The experience has been seamless from the initial call to actually subscribing and using the product. Homesearch are proactive and always looking to help my business and find better ways of sourcing new clients. A very useful tool and not just another subscription

Inderjit Lotay

Peaksons Property Limited

"Second to none"

Five stars are not enough. Absolutely love Homesearch, the system and what it enables me to do to help grow my business & brand. cannot fault in any way, the service, the people and the system are second to none!

Steve Grantham

Steve Grantham Bespoke

"Up front and on it"

Homesearch is an incredible tool, the software is easy to use, and the opportunities is presents are amazing. The team have been incredible and surpassed all expectations and continue to do so. We left another prop tech supplier who brought nothing to the party, service was shocking and we were tied in, we then chose to go with Homesearch after an incredible presentation, no pushy sales, they are just up front and on it.

Paula Challenger

Challenger Burgess Estate Agents

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