We’re always looking for passionate, proactive and pioneering individuals to join the Homesearch family. If you’re 
interested in making a difference in the property industry and enjoy working in a fast-paced, results-driven,
and forward-thinking company, then this could be the right place for you.

Our environment

We’re a hybrid and flexible workplace. We empower our team to thrive, regardless of location, offering them the freedom to work in the office and from home.

We have a lively culture where everyone is encouraged to find their voice and bring their skills to the table. We’re an equal opportunity employer committed to creating an inclusive, diverse environment.

Our values

Meaningful relationships

We genuinely care about your needs and we value your opinions. We forge real relationships and act as a trusted ally; always on your side.

Working for everyone

We provide the comprehensive information and proactive network needed to help you achieve your goals efficiently and with confidence.

Always listening & thinking ahead

We are always eager to learn and improve; looking for new problems to solve and acting on feedback to better our service for everyone.

Knowledge as power

Comprehensive, accurate, and impartial information is integral to our business. We give professionals the information and tools needed to maximise their productivity.

Be essential

It is our aim to be indispensable to everyone who uses Homesearch and to ultimately establish ourselves as the go-to place for any property related search.

Empowering our users

Our systems and services have a profound impact on anyone who uses them; empowering them, enlightening them and saving them time and money.