Off market prospecting

The very best opportunities for your agency to grow are those properties that aren’t even on
the market yet. The ones that you can identify and sell before your rivals even know they
exist. But how do you find them?

Homesearch’s proprietary data and smart off-market prospecting capabilities
are so powerful and give you the edge.

Turning a property that is off the market into a new instruction is a daily reality for estate agents using Homesearch. It’s this laser-focused, targeted prospecting that ensures you never miss an opportunity, and often leads to you being the only agent invited out for a valuation.

You’ll also never again need to tell a client that you’ll be in touch when you have something for them, because you’ll be able to find it there and then.

With access to Homesearch, you can impress every enquiry and take care of your core prospecting at the same time. In fact, Homesearch helps make your new business generation and off-market intel the most compelling reason a new client will choose to sell through you.


  • 20+ filters to choose from
  • Use the tool with your clients to involve them and gain further confidence
  • Target any address in England, Scotland and Wales (no postcode limits)
  • Suggested and custom letter content, easy to upload and edit
  • Averaging a 2% response rate for targeted direct mail letters
  • A4 letters and A5 postcards


I don't do any off-market prospecting. Why would I start now?
How many times in the last few years have you had prospective sellers tell you they won’t put their home on the market because they “can’t find their next place to live”? It’s frustrating to not be able to help them, and limiting for your business too. That’s where ‘off market’ activity can be a game-changer.

You can build your own market, and watch the instructions come flowing in.
What's the benefit of off-market prospecting to my agency?
1. More instructions: Capture those people who would happily sell their home if the right buyer came along. There’s more of them out there than you might think.

2. More enquiries: What the portals don’t want you to know is, off-market properties are very attractive to buyers. Who wouldn’t want an exclusive chance to buy a property that’s not been marketed to the masses yet?

3. More viewings: Off-market sales puts the agent back at the centre of the transaction. The more a buyer can tell about a property from a portal listing, the less they need to actually see it. But if you find some off-market properties matching all their requirements and offer to show them, you’re (literally) going to be opening more doors to viewings.

4. More offers: As with every ‘exclusive’ purchase, there’s a time limit involved. Buyers will need to move quickly to secure a property before it’s marketed more openly.


“Enough to blow you away”

The property search tool is enough to blow you away. Agents should definitely sign up before the competition does. But it's not just about the technology, but the ethos - put the buyer first, show them what's available and the rest falls into place from there.

Natalie Barton


“Not just another subscription”

The experience has been seamless from the initial call to actually subscribing and using the product. Homesearch are proactive and always looking to help my business and find better ways of sourcing new clients. A very useful tool and not just another subscription

Inderjit Lotay

Peaksons Property Limited

"Second to none"

Five stars are not enough. Absolutely love Homesearch, the system and what it enables me to do to help grow my business & brand. cannot fault in any way, the service, the people and the system are second to none!

Steve Grantham

Steve Grantham Bespoke

"Up front and on it"

Homesearch is an incredible tool, the software is easy to use, and the opportunities is presents are amazing. The team have been incredible and surpassed all expectations and continue to do so. We left another prop tech supplier who brought nothing to the party, service was shocking and we were tied in, we then chose to go with Homesearch after an incredible presentation, no pushy sales, they are just up front and on it.

Paula Challenger

Challenger Burgess Estate Agents

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