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Captivate local buyers (and your next sellers too)

May 23, 2023 9 min to read

Estate agency is a competitive win-or-go-home industry. Not just when it comes to attracting and winning new clients, but also in the fight for the best buyers in the market. 


It is crucial for agents to understand what buyers prioritise when searching for a new home. By recognising these top preferences, agents can tailor their marketing strategies to showcase properties in the most appealing light. 


In this article, we will explore three key features that buyers value in a home and discuss how real estate agents can leverage them to market properties more effectively and increase the chances of successful sales.


Emphasise the ideal location

Location is perhaps the most critical factor for buyers, and agents need to highlight the advantages of a property’s location to attract potential buyers. 


Think about how many property descriptions start with both the agents name and a high level overview of the property. 


Think “ABC Estates is delighted to present a well-appointed 4-bedroom detached home”.


The buyer (who may just be your next seller too) already knows this. Those features (and the agent’s name and logo) are all listed in the thumbnail.


Instead, craft compelling descriptions that highlight the lifestyle in and around the home, highlight any nearby green spaces, parks, or recreational areas, which can significantly enhance the appeal of the property. Additionally, talk through nearby amenities, such as schools, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, and transportation links. You could even consider using visually appealing maps to showcase the property’s prime location and its connectivity to desirable amenities (this can also provide a great visual medium when in negotiations over that extra 5% to get your clients a great price or not).


By effectively communicating the benefits of the location, agents can capture the attention of buyers seeking convenience and a vibrant community.


Promote energy efficiency

In today’s environmental and cost conscious society, buyers are increasingly interested in energy-efficient and sustainable homes.


Just talking about the EPC rating is not enough. Agents need to emphasise energy-saving features and certifications to make properties more attractive. Highlight energy-efficient elements such as double-glazed windows, insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, and renewable energy sources like solar panels. Mention sustainable materials, water-saving fixtures, and efficient appliances. Promote the environmental impact of the property, including any eco-friendly certifications it possesses. Even get an idea of what the monthly energy costs are and compare that to the area average.


Showcase flexible living options

Since the pandemic, buyers are increasingly seeking homes that provide ample space and versatile layouts to adapt to their evolving needs. Agents should highlight these features to attract potential buyers. 


Describe the property’s spaciousness, multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and open-plan living areas in engaging and immersive ways. Emphasise the potential for a dedicated home office or a versatile space suitable for remote work or for a place for the kids to study. 


If the property allows for flexible layouts or expansion possibilities, make sure to highlight these features as well. Utilise high-quality photographs and floor plans to provide buyers with a clear understanding of the property’s layout and potential. By showcasing the property’s adaptability and space, agents can capture the attention of buyers who prioritise flexibility and room to grow.


Bringing it all together, understanding what buyers want in a new home allows real estate agents to tailor their marketing strategies effectively. By highlighting these key features, agents can present properties in the most appealing light, increasing their chances of successful sales, more seller leads and overall client satisfaction.