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22 questions that win every valuation

Jul 4, 2023 9 min to read

The rule for the back half of 2023 is this, control the stock and control your market. 


There are plenty of estate agents who will miss their goals this year, many have already thrown in the towel and will only try again when the hope of another New Year hits them during November and December. 


Because of this, there is a real opportunity now for agents to run away with the Summer market, and dominate not only for the next 3 months, but for the next 3 years.


Yes, many agents will miss their goals this year – but YOU don’t have to.


Here are 22 questions an estate agent should be asking right at the start of every valuation to build serious rapport, uncover motivation, lay landmines and go a long way to winning every instruction they go for.


  1. What’s the reason for the sale? That is, what’s your ‘BIG Why’?
  2. What price do you hope to get for your home? What’s your WOW price?
  3. How did you find your home? (e.g. on the internet, newspaper ad etc)
  4. What attracted you to your home and made you want to buy it?
  5. What do you think your buyer will love most about your home?
  6. Where are you moving to and why have you got your heart set on that area?
  7. When do you need to be there and why that specific timing?
  8. Who else is going to be helping you in making the decision?
  9. If you’re not 100% committed to the sale as yet, what do you need to do or decide on before you can be 100% committed?
  10. What are your biggest concerns (if any) about selling now?
  11. What possible roadblocks could prevent you from getting ‘The WOW price’ for your home?
  12. How would you like to see your sale proceed?
  13. What are you looking for in an agent? (If you want ‘The WOW Price’ you’ll need an agent and agency that offers more than the average.)
  14. How are you going to select an estate agent?
  15. Is there anything you don’t want in terms of your relationship and dealings with your estate agent?
  16. When it comes time to sell, is it more important to you to save money or make money?
  17. If all agents seem the same (most estate agents in this town will be very similar), how will you make the decision of who you will list with?
  18. What do you know about the agents you’ve chosen to interview?
  19. When are you looking to select your estate agent?

And three more for those homes that are already on the market with a competitor.

  1. Had you had any buyers through or price feedback before you went on the portals?
  2. How many offers have you rejected?
  3. Why do you feel it hasn’t sold?


Copy and paste the above. Circulate it to your team. Role play the way you ask them and the answers you might get.


Start turning your valuations into an exercise in information gathering and watch your results improve astronomically.