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Step into Christmas… as their trusted agent

Dec 20, 2022 5 min to read

Moving house at any time of the year can be an emotional experience for clients. But in the new year, it can feel particularly raw. People may have just spent their last Christmas in their current homes, or they might be desperate for a fresh start for the new year. Either way, it’s important to build a rapport with people NOW to see results in the first few months of 2023.

Lots of agents fall into the trap of panicking about finding leads and becoming pushy. But the best agents are those who put in the effort to truly gain the trust of their clients, who know that they’re looking out for their best interests. Even to the point where if the clients know anyone needing the services of an agent, they will be the first (and only) name mentioned.

Here’s a few ideas to put into action:

  1. Reach out to prospective clients in a genuine and sincere way. We already talked about preparing carefully for conversations over the festive season, but the agents who are most trusted are the ones who manage to make each conversation feel genuine, rather than just a sales pitch.
  2. Go into each conversation armed with useful and relevant info. Know what you’re talking about – if you have to drag an improvised fact out of nowhere to answer a question, you may not think it’s obvious – but it is. Clients can spot an unprepared agent a mile off.
  3. Make your clients feel comfortable from the get go. Listen to what they’re telling you about their situation and needs. Make sure you show that you’ve understood where they’re coming from. Agents are known for having great negotiation skills – so use them!
  4. Try not to pressurise your clients into action (even inadvertently). Avoid direct and uncomfortable questions like, ‘are you definitely going to sell?’. Instead opt for open-ended questions like ‘what are you looking for in your next home?’. This means you won’t be piling on the pressure – but shows you’re interested in helping them.
  5. Show empathy for individual situations. Moving house can be emotionally-charged. In fact, it’s up there with starting a new job and getting divorced as one of the top 5 most stressful life events. So make sure to ask the right questions ahead of time, and manage their expectations on your terms. This helps them feel comfortable in the process and confident in you as their agent.


Following these guidelines while you’re lining up your leads for January will mean you’ve had productive and useful conversations that leave clients trusting you to handle their biggest new years resolution!

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