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The Boxing Day Phenomenon

Dec 20, 2022 5 min to read

Boxing Day isn’t just for inhaling Quality Street and catching up on the Christmas specials. For many people, Boxing Day also means making plans for their next move. In fact, Rightmove recorded that Boxing Day 2021 was the busiest ever across its platforms.

Lots of people are off work and holed up at home with their loved ones – so naturally, lots of families take the opportunity to look into their options. What that means for us as agents is Boxing Day is the perfect opportunity to get our listings noticed.

We know from previous years that we can expect portals and search engines to see more visitors than usual this Christmas, so that could mean more enquiries, more instructions and ultimately more sales for you as we head into 2023. But the challenge is that your clients probably don’t know this. So the time to start talking to them about it is NOW.

You and your seller both have the same goal in mind – to sell their property for the best possible price. Boxing Day is as much an opportunity for them as it is for you. Who wouldn’t want their property to be ready and listed for the Boxing Day rush? We all know that clients like to be offered a special deal. Something that seems like a one-off opportunity, something that not everyone else will be offered, and something time limited to create a sense of urgency. So it’s important to present Boxing Day as the great opportunity that it is.

You may want to try creating a Christmas package which you can offer at every valuation or conversation you have over the next couple of months. This might include offering ‘priority’ photography, EPC and marketing materials, some handy advice about staging a home for photography around Christmas time (tip – avoid the Christmas decs! It’ll age the photos very quickly.), and offering off-market search to support your sellers with finding their next home. Homesearch users, this is where our white-labelled search engine tool can really come into its own! You can provide your sellers with a URL to your very own off-market search platform – and the only way for them to act on what they find is to go through you. Matching the seller to the right property in advance will mean they are far more likely to be ready to accept any offers that they receive off the back of the Boxing Day rush too. The more listings you can prepare ahead of Christmas, the more exposure your agency will get on Boxing Day. And then on Boxing Day itself, you can rest assured (from the comfort of your sofa with a plate of leftovers) that you’ve done the most you can to achieve the most you can!

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