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The launch of Re:Contact

May 1, 2024 8 min to read

We’ve just launched Re:Contact, our latest product at Homesearch, designed to address a burning question that’s been on many of your minds: how can we effectively leverage the contacts we’ve worked so hard and spent so much money to acquire? That’s where Re:Contact comes in – a tool tailored to help you convert past contacts into future instructions.

With Re:Contact, you can now engage your known contacts using timely and relevant market information. This product’s a game changer because it seamlessly identifies contacts of yours who are living in the vicinity of recent successful transactions, are struggling to sell or rent, or are homeowners who’ve reached a significant milestone with their property. With a simple export of the address data from your CRM and by tapping into live on-market activity, Re:Contact empowers you to reach out via calls, emails, or messages, armed with the precise information needed to make an impact with your contacts.

Our CEO, Giles Ellwood, sums it up perfectly: “Alongside everything else, the cost of direct mail has risen significantly in the past two years. The feedback we receive is that ‘every agent is sending generic on-market letters’ – meaning you are struggling to stand out and their once-powerful ROI is harder to guarantee. Re:Contact allows agents to engage with their contacts in a truly personal way, whether through WhatsApp, text, handwritten notes, or personal visits.”

Re:Contact has four powerful tools:

  1. The Market Success tool identifies contacts residing in areas with recent successful transactions, enabling you to deliver a compelling message and secure their business ahead of your competitors.
  2. The On-market tool helps you pinpoint contacts struggling to sell or rent with other agents, allowing you to reach out at the opportune moment.
  3. The Anniversary tool notifies you when your contacts reach significant milestones in their homeownership journey, helping you foster long-term relationships.
  4. The Market Download tool grants you access to a list of on-market properties in your areas, giving you an edge in winning over competitors’ clients.


At Homesearch, we’ve ensured that Re:Contact is fully GDPR compliant, putting privacy and security first. Our trials in Q1 2024 revealed staggering results – 53% of clients’ CRM contacts had not been engaged since before 2020. This untapped potential, combined with Re:Contact’s capabilities, presents a wealth of opportunities for you to lower costs-to-prospect and secure more instructions. No more waiting for letters to land or making hundreds of irrelevant calls – Re:Contact allows you to reconnect with people you already know and propel those relationships forward.

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